The OLB Skin Reboot - What?

Introducing: The OLB Skin Reboot.

FAQs explained below. To purchase, please head to the link here!

The market's so saturated right now, and we're constantly trying (and chasing) the latest products that promises wonders for our skin. Not that it's a bad move - it's great if you happen to get the product that actually does work for your skin, and we all know that it requires trial and error. More often than not, we inflict unnecessary pressure and stress to our skin during this process (that is, by the way, stressed enough with environmental stressors in today's world).


What is the OLB Skin Reboot? 

It's a 10-day skin reboot course, which resets your skin and allows skincare to be minimal again. The magic comes from the usage of two unsung hero products, IMAGES Hyaluronic Acid Essence and Seegreen Fullerene Placenta Radiant Repair Mask. Say hello to fresh, new & supple glowy skin. Here's the recommended skincare routine. 

For the first 10 days, follow the steps below at night:

  1. Cleanser (We double cleanse, aka using our cleansers twice to ensure all the gunk is thoroughly removed)
  2. Toner (Use a mild, hydrating and non-comedogenic toner) to remove additional impurities / residue, and also to prepare your skin for optimal absorption 
  3. IMAGES HA Essence
    1. One syringe lasts for 6-14 days, depending on your skintype. If your skin is dry, you'll feel that your skin absorbs extremely quickly, and you can afford to put a little more.
    2. DO NOT spam, all good things are meant to be used in moderation
    3. Gently massage and press it into your skin (keyword: gently)
  4. Seegreen Fullerene Placenta Radiant Repair Mask
    1. You do not need to wait for IMAGES HA Essence to be fully absorbed - you can put on your mask when it's half absorbed for best results
    2. After putting on the mask to your face (it does get a bit tacky and sticky, no worries it's normal), pour the remaining essence onto your hand and apply it onto the mask
    3. Leave the mask on for 10-15minutes. If your skin is extremely dry, you'll find the mask absorbing fast - remove in 10minutes. Do not leave on longer than recommended, as all masks will absorb moisture from your skin if left on for too long (a mask basically works like a sponge) 
    4. Pat all the goodness & essence into your skin. Squeeze additional essence from your mask, and pat it all in. You'll notice stringy lines from the essence and that is normal! Pat it all in (not rub, pat with your hand) until your skin feels more tacky. This takes about 5 minutes, be patient.
    5. Wash off with water 
  5. Toner (same toner as you used above is fine)
  6. IMAGES HA Essence
    1. Just a bit more here will do! You'll find it absorbing into your skin nicely
  7. Moisturiser to seal in all the goodness (again, simple ones will do)
    1. This step is very important. HA Essence draws moisture from the surrounding - if your skin has no moisturiser, it ends up drawing moisture from your skin itself. So please please please (x100 more times for special reiteration), do not be stubborn and skip this step.
    2. HA will feel like it's enough and moisturising enough for your skin at the start, but over time it is going to be bad for your skin if you do not apply moisturiser after.


Why must they be used together? 

We know this is completely not conventional at all - usually skincare recommendations are product lines by the same brand, but we're recommending to mix 2 brands together (hahaha). That's because it's really good! We tried both separately, but the magic really only happened when we mixed them together in our routine.

IMAGES HA Essence acts like a booster to the masks' goodness, helping your skin absorb the nutrients better into the deepest layers of your skin - which really helps to keep your skin healthy from the inside-out! 


How to maintain? 

The first 10 days works as a reboot for your skin. If your skin is healthy, 5 days should be sufficient! After which, IMAGES HA Essence can be used daily (recommend only using it at night, you don't need to spam your skin with HA in the day too) with other products (yes, it complements other products very well too), but please remember to seal it with a layer of moisturiser. You can still follow the above steps, Cleanser > Toner > IMAGES HA Essence > Moisturiser. 

Every week, repeat the above steps with the Seegreen mask 2-3 times, depending on your skin condition. 


It's a skin reboot, not a skin party. Calm down!


Will I face any "withdrawal" effects when I stop using the product?

Nope! But just like a detox program, if you start eating junk food after you did a clean diet reset plan, then your weight will start to fluctuate. Similarly, if you start spamming your skin with random stuff all over again then it's only natural your skin reacts accordingly. That said, you're definitely not going to become reliant on this routine (no la it's not a drug okay don't worry haha) if you decide to discontinue! It's all about what works best for your skin :)


What is the magic?

The ingredients (we know, duh, haha) and also the magic combination of the 2 products. Most skincare sets are a line of products produced by the same brand - and the magic of this two put together has been... amazing. Let us break it down for you below.

Benefits of IMAGES Hyaluronic Acid Essence

The benefits of HA is plenty, but here are some key highlights:

  • Hydration
  • Brighten skin complexion
  • Reduce fine line & wrinkles
  • Great for oily/combi skin
  • Helps to calm dry & irritated skin
  • Easily absorbed into deepest layers of our skin
  • Stimulates skin cell regeneration

Benefits of Seegreen Fullerene Placenta Radiant Repair Mask

  • Hydrating
  • Firming
  • Balance skin pH
  • Calm pimples & hormonal acne
  • Even skin complexion
  • Reduce redness
  • Shrink pores
  • Antioxidant & anti-wrinkle
  • Restore skin barrier 


Hero ingredients in Seegreen?

CalmYang (7 plant extracts)

  • Whitening, nourishing, repair sensitive skin, calming, anti-inflammatory


  • Tissue regeneration, helping old woulds on skin to heal nicely

Cannabis Sativa Extract (Cannabidiol)

  • Anti-inflammatory, alleviate acne and eczema problems, restores skin barrier, antioxidant properties reducing visible signs of ageing


  • Naturally occurring protein that reacts with other ingredients to keep the skin looking smooth. Enhance skin resilience by reinforcing skin barriers.


  • Baby skin booster! Plumps and lift skin. Accelerates cell growth, aids in cell regeneration by penetrating through the skin layers and repairing damaged cells within


  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines and destroys free radicals. Balances oil production of skin reducing breakouts.

Haematococcus Pluvialis (Algae)

  • Rebuild collagen and protein matrix (elasticity). Blocks UV radiation, prevent dermatitis, inhibit melanin production and keeps skin supple


Really? Is it really so good?

We don't like to convince and hard-sell people here at OLB. If you're not convinced, then don't make a purchase. We will be happy to share the information you need to know to make a good decision, but let's be real. No brand is going to bring in a product that they think is subpar (haha).

Opinions are mine and they worked wonders for my skin. Results shared below! If you're a skeptic, either take the plunge to try, or remain that way (it's fine, money doesn't come easy I understand). Nobody's forcing you and I hate to force people to think a product I carry is good.


Is this suitable for all skin types?

Yes! Sensitive skin and acne skin (see results below) will receive this routine well in general. However, if you have very intense skin conditions and concerns, please consult your doctor first. We always believe there's no one skincare that can suit the entire world (we all have different skin types), but this has been well received with no allergy reactions so far. Do a patch test first if you're afraid! 



Most exciting part - my results! I have videos and timestamps for all my pictures but I'm not going to upload the evidences (if you think I'm a liar you won't buy anyway). Below is the summarised version! :) I only started seeing results on Day 4, so I'd say, be patient!


Are you amazed yet? I've been having acne for my entire life - and always getting the stupid comment of "your cleanser not good ah?", "you dirty right?". Goodness people it's 2020! Acne is a skin condition, just like how eczema is. It's not just "huh you never put moisturiser?". 

I hope this gives all of you who are struggling with your acne a little hope. I know how you feel. Having less than awesome skin, especially in our current social media world with glass skin advertisements... I hope this makes you feel less alone, and also help your skin shine bright and be clear of nasties! 

Skin recovery is a journey, and not linear! Take your time and celebrate the little wins when it does get better :)