Sticky Eyeliner (Black & Transparent)
Sticky Eyeliner (Black & Transparent)
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Sticky Eyeliner (Black & Transparent)

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Adding on the latest lash technology to OLB - the magical sticky eyeliner! This eyeliner mimics falsies glue, and is sticky when wet so you can attach your falsies directly. 

Please keep your eyeliner vertically, with the brush tip facing downwards, so that the formula will always reach the brush tip. Otherwise it may cause the formula to harden, and lose the sticky effect! 

Using the Black Magic Sticky Eyeliner: 

  1. Those with oily eyelids, use primer or put a layer of eyeshadow prior to drawing your eyeliner. 
  2. Shake the Magic Sticky Eyeliner well 
  3. Draw your eyeliner as per usual one eye at a time, and layer the eyeliner on for at least 2-3 times (no need to wait for each layer to dry)
  4. Immediately attach your falsies, and hold them in position for it to attach securely. It attaches better when the eyeliner is still wet! 
  5. If you want to do a tuck test, don't do it immediately ok!! Lash needs some time to bond and adhere to the sticky eyeliner

You can also use the Magic Sticky Eyeliner as a normal eyeliner as it dries matte and non-sticky! Plus it is smudge-proof and waterproof. 

Using the Transparent Sticky Eyeliner: 
(Creates a more natural look)

  1. Same as the above, but attach your lash only when the eyeliner dries 
  2. You can also apply this on your lash band for a stronger hold 
  3. This can be applied on top of your usual eyeliner if you'd prefer it that way

If your lashes are not adhering well, try the following:

  • Try lining the lash band with a layer of sticky eyeliner as well 
  • Ensure your falsies' lash bands are clean and clear of junk from your previous use! Use a cotton bud and make up remover to clean it. 
  • Ensure you shake your eyeliner well 
  • Your lash band may be too long for you, so cut it to the ideal length first 
  • Layer the eyeliner a few times before attaching your lashes 

For beginners to falsies, we recommend you start with the magnetic lashes first! It's easier to attach and position.