1. How are orders delivered? 

All our shipping options come with a tracking code. We charge a flat rate of $3.50, and offer free delivery for orders above $80! You'll receive your tracking code once your order is dispatched. 

2. When will my order arrive? 

We usually take 1-2 days to process your order and send them for delivery! You'll receive updates via email on your order status :) 

3. Do you have an exchange policy? 

Unless the product is broken due to delivery, we do not do any exchanges! Nonetheless, please drop us an email at ethel@ourlashbar.com / DM us on IG (@ourlashbarsg) if you have any issues and we'll take it from there :) 

PLEASE NOTE: If IG glitches and we never ever get to read your DM, please drop us an email. It does get filtered as spam sometimes and we never get to see them until we clear our junk email. 

4. Patch Testing 

  • Patch testing is a way of determining if a product that comes in contact with the skin will cause inflammation of the skin, known as contact dermatitis. Should you have a history of being sensitive to products applied to the skin or eyes, it is essential that you perform a patch test before beginning general use. We also recommend all customers using the products for the first time to do a patch test, although we haven't had any cases of allergy reactions thus far. 
  • A patch test is necessary to determine if the products are compatible with your skin. 
  • Apply the product to an area of your face that is not overtly apparent, such as your jaw line or on your neck near your ear. Leave on the skin for a full day. If you are testing an eye product, further test it after the full day by applying it to one eye on the weekend at night when you know you will not go out. 
  • If you do have a reaction, the extra time during sleep and over the weekend will give your eye time to recover. If you experience any redness, swelling, or discomfort, remove the product immediately from the skin with your face wash and cease all use. Any reaction means that you are likely allergic to one or multiple ingredients in the product. 

5. For questions on our products - please refer below.

6. Are you looking for distributors? 

Yes! Drop us an email at ethel@ourlashbar.com if you're keen to join us as a distributor. 


If you're lazy to read, here's an IGTV tutorial we did that answered most questions on how to use the lashes! 

Link: IGTV Tutorial For Lashes

1. Animal-Cruelty Free? Yes! 

2. Are there any known allergies?
All our customers have used and tried the products - no allergy has been reported thus far. Should you have any adverse reaction, please let us know! Otherwise, we recommend all our customers to do a patch test before using the products - please check our FAQ page for more details on how to do a patch test.

3. How long does 1 set last?
The Luxe Magnetic Eyeliner is good for approximately 2 months use (assuming daily usage with two layers of application). Each pair of lash should last you at least 20-25 uses if you take good care of them! 

4. Do I need to reapply mid-day?
The Luxe Magnetic Eyeliner should be sufficient to hold your lashes in place for 13-16 hours. It works great especially for those with oily skin, and is sweatproof! Don't try washing your face with water with your lashes on though... for obvious reasons, they're bound to drop! 

5. Steps on how to use?

  • 1. Shake up the Luxe Magnetic Eyeliner well! 
  • 2. Draw your eyeliner
    - For those with monolids, or eyelids that fold inwards, you'll need to apply a thicker layer
    - For those with oily eyelids, apply a layer of eyeshadow powder as your base first 
  • 3. Wait for the eyeliner to dry COMPLETELY.
    - If you'd like a longer hold, draw a second layer after the first dries, and wait for that to dry completely too!
  • 4. Attach the magnetic falsies!
    - Do not attach it too near the inner corners as it will be rubbed off when you blink!
    - Apply as close to your lash line as possible

(Optional: Curl and apply mascara to your own natural lash before applying the falsies. Do not apply mascara on the falsies as it will ruin it.) 

6. Can I cut the falsies if they are too long?
The lash line / lash bone of the falsies are usually too long for most eyes. Cut it accordingly to the size of your eye, leaving the magnet bits at the tip - otherwise there will be no magnet to hold down the ends! 

Do note that falsies that are too long will affect the magnetic hold as it will rub against your inner lids / outer eye, causing friction and making it drop. 

7. How do I remove and keep my lash?
Just detach it with the tweezer from the outer to inner corner of your eyes. You can also do so with your fingers! Do not pull the lash from the center. 

Make sure to remove additional "gunk" from the eyeliner on the magnet bits, and store them back in your box. 

Still have questions? DM us on IG (ourlashbarsg) - we love chatting with our customers, so feel free to let us know if you have any concerns!