Havens Customisation & Workshop


For orders of more than 50 bottles, we do offer the following customisation options:

  1. Choice of scent 
  2. Packaging with your design / logo 
  3. Option to use a smaller bottle (perfect for wedding favours and event gifts)

Depending on the amount of customisation needed, and total order quantity, there may be additional charges. Do drop us an email at ethel@havens.club with more details - we'll be happy to discuss further! 

Workshops & Events

We do conduct private workshops! You will be able to create your own pillow spray.

  1. Minimum 5 pax to start (perfect for bridal parties too) 
  2. Customisation of scent & packaging design available 
  3. Workshop will be approx 1 hour
  4. For workshops of a larger scale, cost per participant would be lower
  5. Bookings to be made 3-4 weeks in advance

Please email ethel@havens.club for more details & to check on availability. 

Collaboration & Consignment

For brands who would like to collaborate and stock our items on a consignment basis at your retail outlet, do reach out to us at ethel@havens.club :)

We will also be able to customise a specific scent for your brand that will only be sold exclusively by you.